Anglican Diocese of Grahamstown

Anglican Church of Southern Africa

The Bishop of Grahamstown

Ebenezer St Mark Ntlali was born at Richmond, Northern Cape in 1954. He is an Anglican bishop of the Province of Southern Africa. He is the fourteenth and current Bishop of Grahamstown.
He trained for the priesthood at St Bede's College in Umthatha, and has a bachelor's degree in Church History and Systematic Theology from Rhodes University. He was an archdeacon of King William's Town before his consecration to the episcopate in 2008.


The Bishop's Dairy


5  Sun Institution of Revd Liz Thomas Hogsback
12 Sun  Institution of Revd Wezo Bloko at Christ Church Amalinda
18 Sat Meeting with DYG Executive
19 Sun Institution of Archdeacon Cynthia Webbstock at St Paul, Port Alfred
25 Sat Mothers' Union Lady Day
30 Thur Diocesan Council Meeting 






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