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October-November 2012. Vol. 35 No 5

Diocesan Servers’ Conference:

Servers’ Guild to be established

By Bill Gould

‘Worshipping God is not child’s play’, was Bishop Ebenezer’s message as he preached on Revelations 4:1-11 at the celebration service to conclude the Diocesan Servers’ Conference held at St Saviour’s on 15-16 September 2012 and attended by over 150 servers from across the Diocese.

A recent initiative of the Diocesan Chapter, following a review of church structures, a Servers’ Guild has been recognised as critically important in the spiritual formation of young congregants, forming habits which can be of benefit throughout a person’s life. A Guild for Lay Ministers is to be launched later.

The Bishop instituted the Revd Warren Bada of Holy Trinity, King William’s Town, and the Revd Noluthando Gixana (St Paul’s, Zeleni) as the Guild’s Chaplain and Assistant Chaplain respectively, as well as an Executive for the new Guild: Xolisa Billie (President, St Gregory Mdantsane); Ms Siphesihle Matshoba (Chairperson, St Andrew Ginsberg), Mr Mzovuyo Nyamela (Deputy Chairperson, St Philip Gompo); Ms Ongezwa Njoli (Secretary, Holy Trinity, Dimbaza); Ms Thembela Mjekula (Deputy Secretary, St Philip Gompo); Ms Awonke Kwelana, (Treasurer, Holy Trinity, Dimbaza); and Ms Asemahle Kose (Organiser, Christ Church, Amalinda).

It is expected that the Guild’s Constitution and insignia will be developed shortly for Diocesan Council approval, before being submitted to the next Diocesan Synod in 2013 for formal ratification and the establishment of the Guild.

Not child’s play: Some of the over 150 servers who attended the inaugural conference of the Diocesan Servers’ Guild in St Saviour’s Church, East London.

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First babies and toddlers for CR children’s home


Here they are! The Sisters of the Community of the Resurrection of Our Lord welcomed the first three children into their newly converted children’s home, Ikhaya Lethu, recently. It is hoped these will soon  be joined by two others. Prayers are asked for the House Mother and the children.


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Bishop Ebenezer writes….

Do Anglicans of ACSA have duties?

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ

We learn that in the Acts of the Apostles the Christians remained in four things – they devoted themselves to the Apostolic teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and prayer. This created a spirit of awe upon each and every soul, and many wonders and signs were done by God through the Apostles. And all who believed were together and had all things in common (Acts 2:42-44).

When one reflects on the life of the early Church, one would ask a question: What are the duties of the Anglican in the Anglican Church of Southern Africa in our time? Do we have the same spirit that God’s people of the early Church had as explained in the Acts of the Apostles? When we were reading the Catechism of our liturgy 1989 on page 434 #82, we came across a beautiful paragraph explaining what the bishops of ACSA believe are our Anglican duties and we want to remind you of those duties.

The bishops believe that “The Father expects all His people to witness to the Lord Jesus Christ, and in the power of the Holy Spirit to bring others to the knowledge of him”. Personal evangelism is expressed in the programme of Growing the Church, that at least one Anglican in Christ Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit is urged to bring one convert into the Body of Christ. This will be one way of expressing our witness to Christ and bringing others to Christ.

Our Anglican duties are spelt out for us on page 434 #82 of the APB. In order to fully live out these duties we need to have a lectionary to guide us through the Bible daily and this encourages us to be friends of the Gospel; we need to think, breathe and live the Word! As it is written in the Scriptures, we are called to live a life of humility, “For all those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted” (Luke 14:11 NIV), and also to be cheerful and generous givers of both our time and resources to God’s mission, and we do this by means of tithing. The sacramental rite of marriage needs to be preserved by Christian standards, especially in the light that the divorce rate is steadily increasing, and we need to bring up our children to love and serve the Lord. This is the only way to ensure the continuation and fulfilment of the Lord’s mission.

We have witnessed that as a diocese we are growing towards the model of the early Church. In performing our Anglican duties, the Church can continue to grow in this confused world; it is our duty to continue Christ-reconciling work until he comes again. Let your daily life be influenced by prayer, scripture and other Christian books. We pray that you may grow in doing your Anglican duty, which we have learnt is the mission of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Grace and Peace


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Fun, fellowship and fund-raising at Diocesan Family Day

Worship and feasting, fun and fund-raising, were all the order of the day at the Diocesan Family Day held at Fort Glamorgan on 25–26 August 2012. The funds collected (before expenses) exceeded R300,000.

Youth with the right attitude: Young Anglicans strike a pose in front of the marquee at Fort Glamorgan.

Stretch those legs: A tense moment in the Clergy vs. Bernard Mizeki  Guild soccer match.

Rooster fryer: There was plenty of food for everyone.

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AWF news

AWF marches in East London

By Kokela Siqendu

In commemoration and tribute to the thousands of women who marched to the Union Buildings on August 9 1956, in protest against the extension of Pass Laws to women, the Anglican Women’s Fellowship of the Diocese Grahamstown marched for a new struggle for women in 2012, “the end to violence against women and children and women wellness”.

Led by AWF Chaplain Canon Simphiwe Magxwalisa and the President of AWF Ms Kokela Siqendu, the march started in Oxford Street in East London, and proceeded to the East London Magistrate Court to hand over a petition to the Director of Legal Services of the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development (DOJCD), Ms Dipuseng Mongoato.

Ms Mongato received the petition on behalf of the Department, and responded by thanking and encouraging the church to continue to be visible in matters that affect the communities they serve. She said that churches should know that they have a louder voice in society, and they should get involved in public hearings as well. “As the department we work with different stakeholders like the SAPS and Social Development. I am calling on the churches to work with them as well, and ask what their role is in ending the cycle of abuse of women and children and know how to correctly refer any case. You as the church should open doors to the vulnerable women and children that are abused by men who are breadwinners in their families, as most of them reverse the charges due to the power relations at home”, she added.

Ms Mongoato was supported by Captain Mbulwelwa Pika of the East London SAPS. He said that the role of the police is to ensure that the laws passed are adhered to by society and those who err are punished. He highlighted the abuse cases that are reported to the SAPS stations and how the poorer communities seem to be affected. “We have children who are heading up households or abused by older men for transactional sex that need intervention from all the carers of society, like us and the church,” said the Captain.

The march ended at St John the Evangelist Anglican Church where the AWF Chaplain, Canon Simphiwe Magxwalisa, conducted a prayer of thanksgiving to the Lord for the successful day and everyone signed the banner that commemorated the day.

On the march: Drum Majorettes and a marching band were part of the AWF’s procession to the Magistrate’s Court in East London on Women’s Day.

“Revive, Rejoice, Women of God” was written on the banner, and “The Struggle is not over”.

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Mary and Martha Day

The members of AWF celebrated their patronal saints Mary and Martha on 28 July 2012 at St Cyprian’s Anglican Church in Komga. The church was full, and members decided to bring along toiletry items for an outreach project. A fundraising service was also conducted where members raised R13,000 that will be utilised for a bursary project for needy children identified by AWF members through their Social Responsibility Desk. Members of AWF expressed appreciation for the leadership of AWF Chaplain, Canon Simphiwe Magxwalisa, who always encourages members to be Christ’s ambassadors, and not to be spectators.

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Workshop for Grahamstown Archdeaconry Junior Church co-ordinators

By Gwen Mvula

Junior Church co-ordinators from the Archdeaconry of Grahamstown gathered on 18 July at St George’s Hall Grahamstown for a training workshop, to empower them with skills to plan activities for young ones based on knowing, loving and obeying God. Each received a certificate. 

L-R, back: Nonkosi Budaza (St Augustine, Siya Mtyhobo (St Philip), Margaret Speckman (St Clement), Mr & Mrs Dias (COTT). Front: Gwen Mvula (St Augustine), Sr Kekeletso (Cathedral), Pat Govender, Facilitator.

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New Rector instituted at St Philip’s Gompo

By Immanuel Ngubo

Ebenezer Ntlali, Bishop of Grahamstown, visited St Philip’s Church, Gompo to institute Chuma Mduzana as Rector on 19 August.

The day was blessed with the Holy Spirit and the mood was jubilant. All relevant areas of the church were visited by the new rector, led by the Bishop and Churchwardens Mr Litye and Ms Mayekiso. Among the guests to witness the day were the Revd T Makalima and Canon B Mfenyana, as well as Mr Mgatyelwa and Mr Botile on behalf of the Amadodana of the Diocese.

The Bishop’s sermon was on John 21:15-18. He encouraged the new rector to love Jesus by looking after His people and taking care for them. He also warned him that it is not an easy job or career to look after the souls which belong to Jesus, and encouraged him constantly to consult Him for wisdom. He also mentioned the challenges faced by a priest: not being loved by the congregation, lack of respect and even death. But in all those things a priest must fulfil the obligation of leading the people to the Gospel of truth and the Holy Spirit.

A little background of the Revd Mduzana was given by the Bishop, who said that despite his being young, the Chapter had faith in him. He was welcomed with smiles by the congregation and by his family. His mother was jubilant and full of love for her son, and honoured by the occasion. 

Facing the challenges with God’s grace: Chuma Mduzana receives the Bishop’s blessing as the new Rector of St Philip Gompo.

Chuma Mduzana, who joined St Philip’s parish before he was even ordained as a priest in 2010, was joined by his family and friends in celebrating this milestone.

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Joy at Holy Cross Mdantsane

By Mmeli M Sixaba

Holy Cross Church has recently enjoyed a period of great joy and spirituality.

Ordination of Deacon

The first instance was when the Reverend Themba Skweyiya was ordained as deacon by the Diocesan Bishop, the Right Reverend Ebenezer Ntlali, on 14 July 2012 in St Alban’s Church, Vincent, East London. Afterwards a small congratulatory function was held in his honour at Holy Cross Church.

Gala Dinner and Awards

The second joyful occasion was the hosting of a glittering Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony in the East London City Hall on 28 July 2012. The purpose of the occasion was to raise funds for the church and to honour those congregants who had made outstanding contributions to the life and spirituality of the parish. The Guest Speaker was Bishop Andile Mbete of the Methodist Church. He addressed the gathering on “The Intervention and Role to be played by the Church in addressing the social challenges faced by the citizens of the Eastern Cape”. In his well-received address he stressed the leadership role the church has to play in ensuring that all people are treated fairly and with justice. The Church should at no time curry favour with the political and economic elite.

Awards in various categories were awarded to those who had contributed to the high standards and spirituality of the parish. Posthumous awards were made to the families of the Revd Thami Moletsane, the Revd T J Mzamo and Mr Nodada.

Canon Nontobeko Moletsane (second left) receiving the Posthumous Award in honour of the late Revd Thami Moletsane from Archdeacon T Mhlana (right).

Archdeacon Thami Mhlana and Bishop Andile Mbete at the Holy Cross Gala Dinner.

Dean’s visit, AWF Exec inducted

On Sunday 19 August 2012 the Dean, the Very Reverend Andrew Hunter, visited the parish and celebrated the Holy Eucharist with the congregants. His sermon was based on the OT Reading 2 Samuel 18: 24 – 33. He also inducted the Executive of the Anglican Women’s Fellowship (AWF).

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67 Minutes for Madiba = a gift of winter warmth for St Augustine’s seniors

Nosimphiwe Bloko, wife of the Deacon at St Augustine Grahamstown, Wezo Bloko, is seen handing over a gift of blankets from her place of work, Arcus Gibb, to elderly members of the MU and other organisations at St Augustine’s Grahamstown. These were received with joy, bringing warmth for winter.

The company’s donation of blankets resulted from the 67 minutes given to celebrate former President Nelson Mandela’s 93rd birthday on 18 July.

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From the Department of Spirituality

Gratitude: Reflection on Psalm 8

By Vanessa Murray

As we are in the season of creation, the book of Psalms is so descriptive of the majesty of God and all his works. In the early mornings just before dawn, when the stars are beginning to fade, and the sea is just awakening with the most magnificent deep blue colour, I wonder and marvel at the gift of creation I have been given.

This makes me consider what my gratitude truly is. Gratitude is one of the most fundamental and complex of the virtues, undergirding and overlapping with many of the others. Cicero once characterized it as “the mother of all the virtues.”

This is what Sister Kay McMullen, a nun of the Notre-Dame order,  writes  about in her Reflection on Psalm 8:

O Holy, Holy One,
how majestic are your names in all the earth!
When I look at your heavens, the work of your fingers,
the moon and the stars that you have established;
what are we, scruffy humans, that you are mindful of us,
such bungling, difficult creatures, that you care for us,
Father, Mother, Spirit, Wisdom.
Yet you have made us to share in your divinity,
crowning us with dignity, love and creativity.
You have made us partners enjoying, respecting
and caring for your creation -
the dogs and cats and horses, sheep and cattle,
the animals of the forests, deserts and plains,
the birds of the air and the fish of the sea,
You, Almighty, Creator, Artist, Lover.
O Holy, Holy One,
God, Goddess, Yahweh, Allah.
How majestic are your names in all the earth!
So be it. Blessed be. Amen.

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News from the St Bernard Mizeki Guild:  

Grahamstown Archdeaconry

By B Nqweniso, Media Officer

The Grahamstown Archdeaconry held its men’s guild election on the 28 July, 2012 at St Philip’s Parish. These successful and fair elections were conducted by the Diocesan Executive member Brother T T Mgatyelwa (Media Officer).



Back Row (L-R): Br A Mpulani (Social Responsibility) Br B Nqweniso (Media Officer). Middle Row (L-R): The Revd D Monakali (Chaplain); Br. R M July (Deputy Secretary); Br. M D Hintsa (General Secretary), Br. D D Hashe (Diocesan Executive member). Front Row (L-R): The Revd M Quntu (President); Br. Z M Nqweniso (Chairman); Br. Z J Mabona (Treasurer), the Revd M P Mize (Diocesan President)

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King William’s Town West

Ngu C C Nonjobe

Isikumbuzo sika St Bernard Mizeki eRura eNgqushwa ebesingohla we 28 June 2012, phantsi komomoothi: “Ezingakwaziyo ebantwini kuyeThixo ziyenzeka”. Isithethisembekobe size nomphakoothi, “yibanizizicaka zenkosi yethu uYesuKrestu”. Isithethisembeko ibi ngusihlalo we Diyosis, uMzalwana uSquququ Mfenyana. Sabayimpumelelokakhlu.

Sibulela uBawo kuba onke izinto zivelakuye. Sibulelan entsebeziswa none zinyeimanyano: iMothers’ Union, St Agnes, AWF neYouth, kubasenze amawaka avisa yosiqala kuleAtshidikini.

Ubume bay benziwe zeziParish zilandelayo:
St Andrew’s, Ginsberg
St Barnabas, Stutterheim
All Saints, Breidbach
Holy Trinity, Dimbaza
St James, Peddie
St Peter’s, Peddie

President – Prof PT Mtuze
Usihlalo – Bro. M Jeyi
Unobhala – Bro. K Mnikina 
Unondyebo – Bro. M G Kiviet
UTshapileyini – Revd L Zibi
Ezoqeqesho – Bro. S M Duna
Ezentlalontle – Bro. R M Magida
Umhlewendaba – Bro. Ludwe Ringo

UThixo ongamandla onke akasikhulisele olumanyano kunye nenkonzoy amaTshetshi kwilizweliphela.

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King William’s Town East

USihlalo wamadodana eKWT East Archdeaconry uBro. Nyameko Nqodi, wasiza ngokusesikweni amadoda aseSt Katherine eBerlin kuCanon BTM Mfenyana nebandla emva koqeqesho nokungeniswa kwakho kwiveki eziphelileyo kuloo mbutho.

Guild news in brief

By T T Mgatyelwa, Media Officer

Prayers are asked for the following:

Other recent Guild news:


“Who’s questioning the score?” A clergy team member stands his ground during the Family Day soccer match.

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Diocesan Youth Conference meets over Youth Day weekend

By Gwen Mvula

The youth of the Diocese celebrated their month in St Augustine’s Church Grahamstown on 15-18 June. Under the guidance of the younger clergy, Themba Phillip (Youth Chaplain), Lindile Somandi, Mzi Dyantyi and Wezo Bloko, the youth spent the weekend in praise and worship, and engagement with topics which challenge young people.

On the last day the Bishop of Grahamstown, Ebenezer Ntlali, was the celebrant and preacher. He emphasised that youth should be independent, have a vision, and not be used by people to sell drugs, or take drugs.

Saturday afternoon was spent in taking part in different sporting codes.

Youth of all parishes marched with their banners to a home for old people, to give clothes and blankets as a token of thanksgiving to the Lord for the blessing of old people in the community.

A youth committee for the Diocese was inaugurated by the Bishop.

The day closed with a teaching from the Revd Mzi to the youth on the Fellowship of Giving. The Bishop expressed appreciation to the priests for their good work for the youth.


All cosy for the night, girls of St Augustine’s and St Philip’s on their Youth Day weekend.


Spoil yourselves! The Youth presented the Bishop and Mama Noncedo with a Spar voucher to pamper themselves.

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From the Department of Education, Training and Ministerial Formation

Baptism and our calling (Part II)

By Abiaaza Kibirige

How has self-introspection assisted you in your unity with Christ? We need to remind ourselves that the life of the baptized is the life of a soldier of Christ. St Paul, in his second letter to Timothy brings out the meaning of being Christ’s soldier when he instructed Timothy; Take your part in suffering, as a loyal soldier of Christ Jesus. A soldier on active service wants to please his commanding officer and so does not get mixed up in the affairs of civilian life (2 Timothy 2:3-4).

Baptism, therefore, involves discipline and self sacrifice similar to that of the normal soldiers we know. Baptism makes one a soldier of Christ for life. There is no retirement package or pension because at baptism one is invited to “Fight valiantly under the banner of Christ against sin, the world, and the devil, and continue his faithful soldiers and servants to the end of your lives” (AAPB pg 385).

The soldier’s dress-code facilitates personal protection in the call for duty. Similarly, St Paul in his letter to the Ephesian Church outlined the dress-code of the baptized – the soldier of Christ dresses to ward off the schemes of the devil with the belt of truth, the breastplate of righteousness and the Gospel of peace as shoes for the feet. In addition, in all circumstances to have the shield of faith to extinguish all the attacks of the devil, the helmet of salvation, the sword of the Spirit which is the word of God and to pray at all times (Ephesians 6:10-18).

Baptism starts one on a journey and as Blessed Theresa of Calcutta put it; “God calls us to be faithful and not successful”. The point she was addressing was that being a faithful soldier may make one look and appear unsuccessful, because of failing to tell a lie in order to be praised or promoted. Can you imagine being a VIP but deep down in your heart of hearts you are very aware that your position or whatever was through a lie or a bribe? Being a soldier of Christ impinges upon the baptized to listen attentively to the voice of the commander. There shouldn’t be auditory hallucinations. The listening abilities have to be raised because there are many voices and the soldier has to work out the voice of the commander.

For example, who told Cain to kill Abel? Who told Abraham to tell the Egyptians that Sarah was his sister? You well remember the story of Joshua when they were about to capture Jericho. Joshua was asked to take off his shoes. That is not a good idea when you are fighting but because the man had identified himself as the commander of the Lord’s army, Joshua yielded to the command. Possibly deep within, he was wondering whether he was doing the right thing. That is when faithfulness and obedience to God may look like a wrong move to the world whereas it is the best choice.

Baptism is incorporation into Christ’s body, the Church. It is the shifting of allegiances from the world to God through Jesus Christ, by the continuous guidance and strength of the Holy Spirit.

Baptism unites the baptized to Christ and to others. We get connected to God and to one another, and that link is sustained through listening to the commander-in-chief, Jesus Christ, through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, let us seek to listen to the One Who always rightly leads us to peace.

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Umbuliso uyakubulisa ... 

Umbuliso greets Nkosiphendule Elvis Matshaya, who was instituted as Rector of Good Shepherd East London on 22 July 2012 by Ebenezer Ntlali, Bishop of Grahamstown. The theme for the Bishop’s sermon was: “Come, let us build the Kingdom of God”. 

Good Shepherd celebrates new Rector, Alpha course

An Upper room experience: Participants from the Parish of the Good Shepherd and Chapel of St Laurence, together with fellow brothers and sisters in Christ from surrounding churches in the community, during their Alpha Holy Spirit Weekend at Nature’s Rest Resort, East London, on 2 September 2012. 

Historical research papers handed to Cory Library

80 boxes containing historical papers collected by the late Canon Bob Clarke in researching for his doctoral thesis, and his book Anglicans Against Apartheid, were formally handed over to the Cory Library of Historical Research at Rhodes University, Grahamstown, on 10 September. These papers will now be available to researchers, together with certain papers concerning Bob Clarke’s own role in the ecumenical movement during the struggle years. Clarke’s widow Maggy, their two daughters and other family members were present at the ceremony.

New addition to Magxwalisa family

Congratulations to Canon Simphiwe Magxwalisa and his wife Nzuki on the birth of their second child, a daughter, Sivuyisiwe, on 31 July.

New Bishops elected

Two dioceses of the ACSA have recently held elections.

The new Bishop of the Free State Diocese is to be Dintoe Stephen Letloenyane, Rector of St Margaret’s Bloemfontein.

The Bishop-Elect of Johannesburg is Archdeacon Steve Moreo, Rector of St George’s Parktown.

We give thanks for these outcomes and pray for the Bishops-elect. 


Duncan Buchanan, former Bishop of Johannesburg, died in September. Before succeeding Desmond Tutu as Dean of Johannesburg, and then Bishop, he was Warden of St Paul’s theological college in Grahamstown, and Archdeacon of Albany. His wife Di taught at the Diocesan School for Girls. We pray for her and the family.

Eric Kleb, a former priest of the Diocese of Grahamstown who retired to Port Elizabeth in 1998, died in August of lung cancer. His last appointment in this Diocese was as Rector of Komga.  Prayers are asked for the family.

Correction: Clergy Moves

In the previous issue of Umbuliso it was stated that Mvuleni Mvula was being licensed to St Bartholomew Grahamstown. Apologies for this incorrect information. Fr Mvula is being given a general licence.

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