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March-May 2013. No 03/13                       

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ

Why did the power of God come down on the disciples at Pentecost? To understand that we need to read the end of Matthews Gospel. Jesus gave his Church what is known as the Great Commission just before he left this earth.

He told them
Go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the Name of God Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you till the end of the age (Mt. 28:19 and 20).

The reason for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in Acts 2 was to enable the disciples to fulfil the Great Commission. Bringing people to Christ is a spiritual battle. It is not simply an intellectual discussion
as you might have if you were discussing politics. The spiritual battle for peoples hearts can only be won on the spiritual battlefield and we need the power of the Holy Spirit to succeed. It must have been very daunting for the disciples, when they first heard the Great Commission. But when Jesus asks us to do something he provides us with the means. Having said that, it must have then been bizarre to the disciples that Jesus gave them very clear instructions as when they were to start fulfilling the Great Commission.

When we think of the Great Commission and the modern missions movement, no other name is as prominent as that of William Carey. He went to India to win people to Christ and disciple them, and thats what he did. In the process he sought to obey other parts of Gods Word too, by personally intervening to save lives and labouring to change public opinion and evil laws. William Carey provides us with a model for one of the great issues of our timeunderstanding the proper relationship of morality, politics, life issues and the great commission.

Some Christians make the mistake of thinking social activism or politics are the answer to everything. They certainly are not. But many segments of the modern evangelical church have lost their activist heritage.

In the Great Commission, Jesus calls every Christian to step out in faith and spread the Good News. This is faith in action! People who obey this command change their spiritual lives forever! It could be spreading the Good News to a neighbour or moving to another country to reach the people there. It could be sharing with less fortunate kids down the street or spreading the Word in a town two hours away.

Wherever we go, every faithful Christian is compelled through obedience to share the Gospel. If you're a believer in Jesus Christ, where has He called you to go? Who has God put on your heart to share the gift of salvation? What small or large steps can you take, with the knowledge that Christ will be by your side, "to make disciples of all the nations"? 

+Ebenezer Grahamstown


Vicar General

We will be on leave from the 1st June – 10 July 2013. The Very Reverend Andrew Hunter, Dean of Grahamstown, will be Vicar General at this time. Please pray for us and the Dean during this time.

Synod 2013

Let me express my heartfelt and grateful thanks for your attendance and participation at Synod. It was good to see you all in good spirit representing your Parishes and we thank you for your zeal and love for God. The Diocesan Synod is a very important event in the life of the diocese because it is where after heavy discussions; we are able to come up with resolutions which give us a direction to follow as a Diocese. We also advise you to look seriously at the resolutions taken in the synod and see how best these resolutions can be implemented and lived at Parish ,archdeaconry and  Diocesan levels Without you the Diocese cannot grow in the way it is divinely destined.  I was further humbled by the birthday dinner on Friday evening! A very big thank you goes to Dean Andrew Hunter and his planning committee, those who made presentations and Nancy-Anne Richards for hosting (and feeding) us with an ever-present smile.

Click here for the resolutions of the 2013 Diocesan Synod.

Mothers’ Union

Please pray for the Mothers’ Union as they prepare for their bi-annual conference. The conference will be at Rhodes University on the 12 – 14 July 2013.


Anglican Communion

To read the joint statement from The Archbishops of Canterbury and Westminster, Justin Welby and Vincent Nichols, concerning the on-going violence in Syria – 26 April 2013, Click here.










Ms Ncediwe Kanise, an ordinand of the Diocese, has passed away after suffering a stroke. Her funeral will be on the 7th June 2013 at 09h00 at St Gregory, Mdan

For the Bishop's letter concerning Theological Education Sunday 2013, Click here.                        

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