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Ad Clerum

February 2013. No 02/13                       

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ

Hendrickson argues that the second temptation, the devil took Jesus along to the Holy of Holies at the very pinnacle of the outer wall of the entire complex. Whilst Jesus of the Temple, the devil said to him, “Since you are the son of God, throw yourself down, then your father will protect you”. Jesus did not believe in false confidence, which was created by the devil, but he relied on the means of grace trusting in his Father, studying Scripture, going to the synagogue and nourishing himself with sacrament and living a life for the benefit of others. Such spirituality will assist us to remain free from the grip so that we may too follow the example of Jesus.

The devil did not give up, but took Jesus to a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world. Nevertheless, Jesus stood firm in resisting the devil’s third temptation because he did not want to obtain a crown without enduring the Cross. He responded to the devil “Be gone, Satan. For it is written that you shall worship the Lord your God and only him”. Then the devil left him.

This spirituality assists us as members of the Diocese to be mindful that the only measuring rod for our success as Christian believers is the Cross.  Not the implement of Jesus’ death, but the revelation of a daily life that has its centre - the losing to gain, dying to live, and being blinded to see message of the Cross. Jesus upheld the principles of his Father in heaven until Satan relinquished his admission, his powerful influence over all the kingdoms of the world and he handed all the realms with their glorious wealth.

Grace and Peace

+Ebenezer Grahamstown


 Synod 2013

 Please remember to complete and return all the necessary forms that you have received for Synod 2013.

 Could all clergy that have received further academic qualifications please send them to the Diocesan Office so that the Clergy directory can be updated.



Clergy Moves


Please keep Canon Mfenyana and his family in your prayers after the loss of his sister Fundiswa on Monday, 18th February.                       

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