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Ad Clerum

January 2013. No 01/13                       

Dear Brothers and Sisters

As we find ourselves in the beginning of yet another year by God’s grace, let us dedicate ourselves again in the service of Christ. We are still on leave and we thought a lot of our Diocesan family during this time, especially those that are going to study. We pray that God in Christ may bless these small beginnings. For those that did not pass their exams last year: it is not the end of the road, but do not lose hope and hold steadfast onto the Lord.

We are still in the interesting season of Epiphany. When the Magi worshipped the new born Eternal king, the Christ, and presented him with gifts (Matt 2:1-12) they exercised their right of generosity to God. They became partners in his mission with God in Christ and became friend of the Gospel, and of the Kingdom of God.

May God bless you abundantly to fulfil the prayers of Mother Teresa de Avila by being Christ in our actions as we are partners in God’s mission.

Grace and Peace

+Ebenezer Grahamstown


The Synod of Bishops

The Synod of Bishops has declared 2013 the Year of Theological Education. Throughout the ages theological education has been, and remains God’s gift to the Christian Church and other faiths. Dr Bill Domeris, our Canon Theologian, says that “well trained priests are like jewels”. This is because they become people of sound learning and gives them the ability to be teachers of the faith.

As a diocese we have the privilege of having the College of the Transfiguration in our midst. We will celebrate Theology and assist COTT, in whatever small way that we can with their renovations. We need to continually pray for Prof Barney, the staff and the students.

Diocese of Ukhahlamba – Social Outreach

We thank all clergy and the Diocesan Council for taking a conscious decision of the R218 000 portion of the R 418 000 towards social outreach in Ukhahlamba will be paid by parishes in instalments of R318.71 a month. This will be done until 2014 as it was resolved in our Synod of 2007. The Diocese of Grahamstown will continue to fundraise towards the R200 000 outstanding. 

We thank God for the ministry of Bishop Mazwi Tisani in our daughter Diocese of Ukhlamba.

Diocesan Synod 2013

Please note that the Synod summons and lay representative election forms have been sent out. Please return to the Diocesan Office by the 28th February 2013.

*Synod is from the 17th April 2013 – 20th April 2013 at St Andrew’s College, Grahamstown


Clergy Moves





May their souls rest in peace, and rise in glory.

Canon Law Conference

The inaugural conference of the Canon Law Council was at COTT from the 21st January to 25th January. We thank the Prof Barney and the College staff for their hospitality, and the inaugural planning team for their successful conference.


We give thanks to God for giving us eight priestly servants in His vineyard. Let us pray for the newly ordained priests and their parishes.

Revd Charles Lagan’s sermon was very special and will continue ringing in the ears of those that were present at the service. We thank the Dean and his team at the Cathedral for the preparations of the service.                      

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